IIAC Securities Industry & Capital Markets Chartbook 2009-2018

November 28, 2019 by

The Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) is pleased to provide this Chartbook illustrating the major trends shaping Canada’s securities industry and capital markets over the past decade.

Through the financial crisis industry performance suffered as investment dealers succumbed to market headwinds and unfavourable business conditions. The result was a significant restructuring of Canada’s securities industry marked by dealer consolidation, reduced employment and changes to dealer business models.

However, the industry has proven resilient, not only regaining lost ground but achieving new heights on many notable fronts.

The IIAC Chartbook illustrations reveal that the industry has played a pivotal role in expanding Canadian financial markets over the past decade and supporting the growing capital needs of the country’s governments and businesses – essential building blocks for a prosperous economy. With more than $2.5 trillion in client assets under management the industry has become a key channel for accumulating and growing investor savings.

Changing demographics, new regulations, market and macroeconomic uncertainty and the growth of digital-advice and Financial Technology (Fintech) will be just some of the forces to shape the Canadian securities industry in the years ahead. The IIAC will monitor closely how the industry confronts these challenges and we look forward to sharing our observations in a future edition of this Chartbook.

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