2023 Sustainability in Finance – ESG’s Role in Capital Markets Conference

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This session is eligible for 5.5 Compliance credits from IIROC accreditations.


Keynote: A Sustainable Finance Taxonomy: What it is, Why it Matters, and the Path Ahead


Barbara Zvan
President and Chief Executive Officer
University Pension Plan Ontario

Session One: The Pathway To Net Zero – The Risks and Opportunities

The Government of Canada is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Find out how organizations are identifying, assessing, managing, and mitigating the business risks as well as the opportunities associated with net zero.


Valerie Lemieux
Managing Director, Head – Institutional Clients Group, Sustainable Finance Lead, Global Banking & Markets
HSBC Bank Canada


Roman Dubczak
Deputy Chair – Capital Markets
CIBC Capital Markets

Jon Mitchell
Vice President – Sustainability

Colin Powell
Director – Technical Net Zero Lead

Session Two: Investing Under an ESG Regime

Meeting the expectations of ESG while managing portfolios to maximize returns seems to be a paradigm that is impossible to manage. How does ESG truly impact investment decisions? Are firms under pressure to divest portfolios of investments that do not meet ESG standards? How does this impact their obligations as fiduciary? Learn how this panel of experts finds the right balance.


Nalini Feuilloley
Head – Responsible Investments
BMO Global Asset Management

John Uhren
Head – Sustainable Finance, Products and Strategy

Session Three: Canadian Public Sector Issuers – Frameworks and Options to Access Markets

All levels of government as well as public sector organizations are mobilizing capital in support of their wide-ranging climate and environmental objectives, aided by strong domestic and international demand for sustainable investment issues. Many public issuers are updating and overhauling their green bond and ESG frameworks to provide more clarity, transparency and reliability to investors and the markets.


Roger Casgrain
Executive Vice President
Casgrain & Company Limited


Ralf Nielsen
Director – Enterprise Sustainability

Dan Novak
Senior Portfolio Manager – Foreign Reserves Management, and ESG Initiatives
Bank of Canada

Elizabeth Wallace
Senior Manager – Funding and Foreign Exchange, Capital Markets Division
Ontario Financing Authority (OFA)

Session Four: Investing In The Future, For The Future – Transition Financing

Green finance alone is not enough. Innovative financing solutions are required to support Canada’s natural resources and other carbon-intensive industries that are not green to transition towards greener forms of production. With a rise in accusations of “greenwashing”, transition finance has become one of the most hotly debated topics within sustainable finance. Panelist will discuss the current state of transition financing in Canada, and the challenges and opportunities.


Siddharth Samarth
Executive Director – Sustainable Finance
CIBC Capital Markets | CIBC


Susan Thompson
Director – ESG Solutions
TD Securities

Heather Lang
ESG Global Advisors

Erin Boeke Burke
Director and Lead Analyst – Sustainable Finance
S&P Global Ratings

Spotlight on Biodiversity: The Missing Piece of the ESG Puzzle

The climate change focus has been on reducing carbon emissions; however, the biggest impact on climate change will come from unraveling and collapsing biodiversity, natural capital and ecosystems.


Dana Krechowicz
Senior Sustainable Finance Manager
HSBC Bank Canada


Marie-Justine Labelle
Head – Responsible Investment
Desjardins Investments Inc.

Session Five: ESG: Transparency Matters

Clear, easy to understand messaging around ESG has become a brand differentiator and is central to building trust with investors, employees, and consumers. Find out how firms are defining and communicating their ESG goals and achievements to shape public discourse before outside voices do so.


Martha Moen
General Manager – Investor Communication Solutions
Broadridge Financial Solutions

Sarah Chapman
Global Chief Sustainability Officer

Ian Tam
Director – Investment Research, Canada

Anna Speyer
Director – Capital Markets
NATIONAL Public Relations

Closing Remarks

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