Federal Government Consulting on a Voluntary Supplement to the CPP (IIAC Blog)

July 14, 2015 by


Finance Minister Joe Oliver announced that the Government of Canada will consult with individuals, the financial sector, retirement income experts and other stakeholders on options for a voluntary supplement to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Discussion points for consultation include:

  • Whether a voluntary supplement to the CPP should be an option for Canadians to save for retirement. 
  • Possible design features that could facilitate voluntary participation.
  • The level of flexibility that should be permitted for participants. Key issues related to flexibility are the locking-in of contributions and establishing appropriate limits on contributions.
  • The level of portability.
  • The role, if any, employers might play.
  • How funds should be managed.

The IIAC will share it views on this important subject. I was interviewed on this topic by Catherine Murray on BNN’s Business Day. See the interview here.

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