Key Considerations in ETF Portfolio Construction


Date: 05/16/23

Start time: 3:00 pm

End time: 4:00 pm

Location: Virtual


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Portfolio construction built on a sound set of investment principles.  During the last decade many client portfolios have experienced significant growth amid a strong bull market and unprecedented loose monetary policy and quantitative easing. But now in uncertain times with higher interest rates and tighter government fiscal policies is it time to consider a shift from growth to value or other types of investments?

ETF investment portfolios benefit from sound portfolio construction and management techniques. In challenging markets funds need to anticipate significant economic and geopolitical developments.



Tyler Mordy, CEO and CIO Forstrong, Global Asset Management

Helen Hayes, Managing Director Head, iShares Blackrock

Erika Toth, Director, Institutional & Advisory, BMO


*** This session may be eligible for CE credits ***

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