IIAC Committees

IIAC Committees are comprised of Member firm representatives and serve to:

  • Identify, advise and advocate for legislative, regulatory and policy issues
  • Share best practices
  • Develop resource and educational tools including seminars and conferences

IIAC Committees may form subcommittees and working groups to meet their objectives.

Information regarding IIAC Committee Charter is available here.

IIAC Contact: Sam Uddin (suddin@iiac.ca)

Areas Addressed Include:

  • Debt (Repo)
  • Derivatives
  • Equity

IIAC Contact: Jasmin Jabri (jjabri@iiac.ca)

Areas addressed include:

  • All retail wealth distribution models
    • Advisory
    • Portfolio Managers
    • OEO
    • Mutual Fund/ETF
  • Investment Management

IIAC Contact: Sandra Rosier (srosier@iiac.ca)

Areas Addressed include :

  • Canadian Tax
  • U.S. Tax
  • Global Tax
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