IIAC Committees & Working Groups

IIAC Committees and Working Groups are comprised of Member firm representatives and serve to:

  • Identify, advise and advocate for legislative, regulatory and policy issues
  • Share best practices
  • Develop resource and educational tools

Information regarding IIAC Committee and Working Group participation is available here.

Capital Markets
Retail Wealth Distribution
Investment Management

The Debt Markets Committee addresses issues pertaining to primary and secondary debt markets including trade desk activity.

Chair: David Duggan, National Bank Financial

IIAC Contact: Todd Evans (tevans@iiac.ca)


Repo Sub-Committee
The Repo Committee addresses issues pertaining to repurchase agreement (repo) and securities lending markets such as collateral mobility and central clearing and netting.

Chair: Nicholas Chan, BMO Capital Markets

IIAC Contact: Todd Evans (tevans@iiac.ca)

This Committee represents issues pertaining to the trading and regulation of exchange-listed derivatives.

Chair: Laflèche Montreuil, Desjardins

IIAC Contact: Chris Climo (cclimo@iiac.ca)

The Equity Markets Committee addresses issues pertaining trade desk activity, exchanges and Alternative Trading Systems.

IIAC Contact: Todd Evans (tevans@iiac.ca)


New Issues Handbook Working Group

IIAC Contact: Todd Evans (tevans@iiac.ca)

Investment Banking Working Group

IIAC Contact: Todd Evans (tevans@iiac.ca)

The ESG Committee addresses issues pertaining to environmental, social and governance concerns in primary and secondary markets.

IIAC Contact: Todd Evans (tevans@iiac.ca)

The Insurance Committee addresses issues pertaining to insurance registrants providing wider retail wealth management including product and estate planning concerns.

Chair: Erin McKee, Echelon Partners

IIAC Contact: Tim Currie (tcurrie@iiac.ca)

The Order Execution Only Committee represents issues pertaining to Do-It-Yourself Investors.

Chair: Mary Joyce Empensando, Questrade

IIAC Contact:Tim Currie (tcurrie@iiac.ca)

The Private Client Committee addresses issues pertaining to retail wealth management provided through advisory and portfolio management services. 

Chair: Scott Sullivan, Edward Jones

IIAC Contact: Tim Currie (tcurrie@iiac.ca)

The Wealth Legal & Compliance Committee addresses issues pertaining to retail wealth distribution.

Chair: Nick Cardinale, RBC

IIAC Contact: Tim Currie (tcurrie@iiac.ca)


Financial Planning Working Group

IIAC Contact: Tim Currie (tcurrie@iiac.ca)

The Independent Dealers/ Introducing Firms Committee provides a peer network for input on legislative and regulatory requirements to ensure that issues such as scale and proportionality are appropriately considered.

Chair: Jim Dale, Leede Jones Gable Inc.

IIAC Contact: Tim Currie (tcurrie@iiac.ca)

The Investment Management Committee’s mandate is to address all matters related to investment management, including investment funds, ETFs and other products manufactured for distribution by retail and wholesale dealers. This Committee will comprise a cross section of both Member and non- Member firms and will drive the IIAC’s efforts and advocacy on behalf of investment management firms, which will further enhance the advocacy for Dealer Members.

The Committee will monitor and assist in crafting IIAC’s positions on regulatory and legislative matters that arise impacting this segment of the industry and will assist in developing best practices where appropriate.

This Committee will provide a forum for the exchange of best practices issues of common concern. It will also suggest topics for educational programming (conferences, seminars, webinars, etc.).

IIAC Contact: Jasmin Jabri (jjabri@iiac.ca)



IIAC ContactJasmin Jabri (jjabri@iiac.ca)

The Canadian Tax Reporting Committee addresses issues pertaining to federal and provincial tax reporting.

Chair: Tracy Yake-Meurs, TD Wealth

IIAC Contact: Tax@IIAC.ca


Tax Reporting Committee Spreadsheet Working Group

IIAC Contact: Tax@IIAC.ca

Revenu Quebec Tax Reporting Working Group

IIAC Contact: Tax@IIAC.ca

Revenu Quebec Unclaimed Property Working Group

Status: Active

IIAC Contact: Tax@IIAC.ca

The U.S. Tax Committee addresses issues pertaining to U.S. tax withholding and reporting requirements.

IIAC Contact: tax@iiac.ca


Section 871(m) Working Group

IIAC Contact: tax@iiac.ca

The Global Tax Reporting Committee addresses issues pertaining to global tax withholding and reporting requirements to comply with international tax regimes, including the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), FATCA, and other OECD initiatives.

IIAC Contact: tax@iiac.ca

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